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Initiative Building

Temescal Associates defines initiative building as an effort to engage leaders across sectors and systems to effect profound change - change that cannot be accomplished from acting alone. Temescal is dedicated to helping systems leaders bring together influential organizations, develop clear and shared goals and outcomes, forge agreements, and create sustainable structures that will address the needs of young people across time and ultimately improve larger youth outcomes.

As an example, Temescal Associates has been instrumental in the initial design and implementation of MyCom, a movement that aims to inspire and prepare Greater Cleveland’s young people, kindergarten through graduation, to reach their full potential and become good citizens. It exposes kids to a variety of activities and experiences that allow them to explore new interests and learn new skills. It connects them to a network of caring and committed adults – teachers, mentors, employers, and others – who offer guidance and encouragement. MyCom prepares Greater Cleveland’s young people to enter early adulthood with the ability to foster healthy relationships throughout their lives and the skills to compete in a global economy.