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Knowing and Doing: Building Youth Worker Competencies

Interpersonal Communication and Relationship Building: An Inside-Out Approach: This workshop takes an inside-out approach to the vital skill of communication, focusing on how we think and act influences how people understand us.  Participants will learn how sharing deeply and personally about oneself helps strengthen connection with others.  Strong relationships bring productivity and efficiency to the workplace.  This workshop will equip participants with tools to anticipate and resolve miscommunications, empower staff to increase flawless communication, and streamline workflow by creating clear communication processes.
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Why Tomorrow? Youth Leaders of Today! Building Leadership Skills with Teens: Every young person brings unique skills, talents and leadership potential to your afterschool program. By engaging youth in meaningful leadership opportunities, educators can foster healthier learning environments, while instilling the confidence youth need to become active citizens in their schools and communities’. This workshop introduces activities, strategies and ways for youth to become involved in social action projects.
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Keeping Your Cool at Work: Conflict Management: In this workshop, participants will explore non-violent ways of dealing with conflict. This workshop will help youth explore ways to manage conflict in their own lives, especially when interacting with co-workers and working with children in out-of-school time settings. Through a combination of large and small group discussions, demonstrations and role-plays based on real-life situations, participants will develop an understanding of what conflict is and how to deal with it in a positive and productive manner.
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Stepping Up: Professional Development for Program Leaders

Time Management and Organizational Skills:  Are you working harder and longer than ever before, trying to keep up with an increasingly demanding workload?  We know the drill: You come in early, stay late, take work home, do two things at once — but your “to-do” list just keeps getting longer and longer!  It’s time to say good-bye to this unsustainable routine. In this workshop we explore your personal time management needs and build a system custom designed for you – with the flexibility you need to meet work and home commitments.
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Staff Development and Supervision: Connecting, Motivating, Coaching and Supporting: From marshmallow towers to systems of support this workshop takes an engaging look at the complexities of building a high performance team.  Through an experiential process we look at the dynamic relationship between coaching and performance results.  Learn how to institutionalize clear expectations, enable consistent performance and maintain high levels of motivation in your teams.  This workshop will enable you to turn every hire into a star performer.
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Cultural Competency: Not another diversity training- we promise! This workshop is an alternate approach to embracing diversity in the workplace.  We all know diversity is important, and in fact allows for different kinds of ideas and styles to get together.  The issue is how do we harness the diversity within the workplace to actually work for us.  This workshop looks at organizational systems that utilize the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and cultural norms to truly create a multicultural organization.
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Remember to Fill Your Tank: Self Care for Youth Workers

The Accidental Art Teacher: Supporting Creativity in School & After-school: There is little argument that the arts are a necessary element of the after-school experience.  But how do you make it fun, challenging, and effective when you don’t have a large art budget?  The answer: find your staff’s passions and talents and allow them to share those with the students.  But these passionate youth workers cannot become art teachers over night. 
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Finding Stillness and Creating Space: Self-Care in the Workplace: When the chatter and clutter and of our everyday lives leaves little room for the essential work of connecting to your inner voice and balancing work, life and play it is essential that we pause.  And in this pause create space to do our important work without being worked on ourselves.  This workshop draws on the practices of Native American, Sufi, Yogic and Quaker traditions to bring simple tools to restore and revitalize.
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The Power of Serious Fun: A Creative Teambuilding Retreat: The work you do is all about helping others.  But today, it’s all about you!  The Power of Serious Fun, is a unique teambuilding opportunity for educational and non-profit professionals to get off-site, play together, and flex their creative muscles. Each retreat feels like a genuine celebration and culminates in original performances that the group performs for each other. 
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